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Arizona Cardinals to play in London in 2017

The Arizona Cardinals will be heading to London for a game in 2017.

NFL: International Series-London Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year the NFL continues to put teams in London to expand the NFL's fanbase, well in 2017 the Arizona Cardinals will be one of those teams.

In an announcement that came out today, the Arizona Cardinals will be taking on the Los Angeles Rams in week seven or week eight of the 2017 NFL season.

To Arizona Cardinals fans, the response is simply... Okay, do they have to give up a home game? The answer is no, as the Arizona Cardinals will be the visiting team in London when they take on the Rams.

The Cardinals and Rams will play at Twickenham Stadium, the site of the Rams and Giants game this season.

A little information on Twickenham:

ABOUT TWICKENHAM: The Cards-Rams match-up at Twickenham Stadium next season will be the second NFL game to be played at the historic venue that is primarily used for rugby. In week 7 of this season, the Giants defeated the Rams there in the first-ever non-rugby event in the 107-year history of the venue. Twickenham is located southwest of London on the River Thames in the London Borough of Richmond.

It will be the ultimate "roadtrip" for Arizona Cardinals fans, so start making plans, as the Cardinals will play either October 22 or 29, 2017 in London.