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Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints preview podcast

A look at the game, a look back at Miami and what to look forward to with Rise Up, See Red.

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It was a week to forget for the Arizona Cardinals and much of what was discussed on the podcast this week turned out to be... Useless, once the Arizona Cardinals cut Michael Floyd on Wednesday.

Yet, we looked over what the heck happened in Miami, how much of this was the weather and how much of this was related to the Arizona Cardinals and their inability to get prepared?

We talked about the good in the game, which even though they lost and basically became a non-factor in the NFC playoff picture, there was some good.

From there, we journeyed to the rest of the news.

Bruce Arians comments, is he off his rocker or is it a way to refocus the team?

Michael Floyd was discussed, it is irrelevant now as he was cut and signed by the New England Patriots, but I think it still is a good discussion about why cutting him was hypocritical.

Then, we get to New Orleans, and yet again, are trying to find a reason why Arizona will not win.

Maybe the reason they will not win, they just are not a good team, but neither Jess or I believe that still.