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Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints: What to Watch For

What are the keys to an Arizona Cardinals victory over the New Orleans Saints?

NFC Championship - Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It is Sunday Morning and Risky Business has given us another delicious meal idea for today, so head to the grocery store, get the items you need and get ready for maybe the last game of the Arizona Cardinals season with playoff implications.

The Cardinals do not control their own destiny anymore, but they do control what the overall thought of this team heading into 2017 and beyond is, so let’s get an idea of what to watch in today’s game.

David Johnson, the best player in the game

You see what the Steelers do for Le’Veon Bell? Why is that out of the question for David Johnson? Why is that usage bad?

Maybe now, with three likely meaningless games left, they should preserve him somewhat, but on the other hand, maybe they need to start to realize that this team will go as far as David Johnson takes them.

What defenders need to come back?

It is an interesting question. In terms of bulk stats, the Arizona Cardinals are not a bad defense, in terms of being able to get key stops, in big places, especially on third downs in close games, this team leaves a lot to be desired.

On top of that, there is a number of free agents on the defense, and the young players who were supposed to take over... cannot even really get on the field. Who plays to stay in the playoff race and who goes all Antonio Cromartie now that the playoffs seem like a long shot?

Is Matt Wile the guy?

Yes, we are going to be watching with big interest a punter. That is where this season has gotten to.

How do the players respond to Arians?

I am genuinely interested in what happens moving forward these last three weeks. The players were unhappy with the Michael Floyd move, Arians has publicly blasted a number of players and the team is losing.

Do they respond or do they pack it in?

Please don’t let Palmer get hurt

Pretty simple.

What will you be watching?