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Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins Monday Night Open Thread

Talk about the Monday Night Football matchup between the Skins and Panthers

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

No one saw this game, in week 15 of the NFL season, only mattering for one team, but that is what 2016 has graced us with.

While the Panthers are still technically in it 5-8, they need as much help as the Arizona Cardinals needed, and they need to do something that has been uncommon this season... Win.

Meanwhile, the 7-5-1 Redskins make it three of a kind from the NFC East in the playoffs at this moment, and a win tonight would strengthen their minuscule hold on the last Wild Card spot in the NFC.

It is a battle between Kirk Cousins and the explosive, if inconsistent Skins offense, against what was a high powered, ground and pound, deep shot taking Panthers offense.

The Panthers defense this year... stinks, unless they are playing against Arizona apparently.

Washington is a huge favorite at home, getting a touchdown, there seems to be no evidence to doubt that they win, but a touchdown? Maybe I need to do what I have failed to do with the Cardinals, and realize that the Panthers stink.

Skins 33
Panthers 24