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Arizona Cardinals get more pass rush help in 2016 Draft do-over

Who would the Arizona Cardinals take in a 2016 draft do-over?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

One of the best worst things on the internet is mock drafts. I love them; they give a great insight into what a mock drafter knows or thinks they know about situations.

I tend not to get upset about mock drafts anymore, they are exercises in futility, but one of the things I actually really do not like is when someone writes a “re-draft”.

Hindsight is the easiest way to draft, if we all knew who was good, there would be no reason to have a draft, we could just have a placement of each player onto the team.

Yet, Bucky Brooks of NFL Network did a 2016 NFL Draft do-over. Now these, I dislike even more, as they don’t take into account just how much can change in a year.

Maybe Nkemdiche has struggled this year, but that doesn’t mean he is a bust. In the same way, do we really believe Dak Prescott would be the answer in Los Angeles with that staff?

For the Arizona Cardinals, Bucky Brooks had this to say:

Would you take a third pass rusher over Nkemdiche?

Would Ngakoue even get time in Arizona in 2016?

These are questions I have when articles like this are made.

What say you, if the Cardinals had to do it over again, who would your target be?

Mine, if we are saying immediate impact, is Chris Jones, the dominating defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs.