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Arizona Cardinals place Tyrann Mathieu on Injured Reserve

The hits keep on coming for the Arizona Cardinals young defender.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have made another move this season that just signifies how bad things have been. The Cardinals have announced that Tyrann Mathieu is being placed on injured reserve for the last two games, in a corresponding move they have elevated Trevon Hartfield.

This season has been a disappointment on so many levels for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans it is hard to find the words at times, but the reality was always, at least to me, it was unfair to expect much out of Tyrann Mathieu.

He was coming off his second torn ACL in as many years, he is a player that relies on supernatural instincts and change of direction skills to make plays, and one of those things was taken from him, for at least the time being.

To expect him to come back to even 80% of the Defensive Player of the Year candidate that he has been was unfair to a player that has literally left everything on the field for the Arizona Cardinals.

Yet, it wasn’t the knee, although I will maintain having him out there early was a bad call, that did him in for 2016, but a shoulder injury that never got right.

Now the question is, will Mathieu have to go under the knife again or will time and rehab be enough to heal him?

Mathieu has reminded me so much of Bob Sanders, the dynamic, playmaking safety for the Indianapolis Colts that was game changer when on the field, but could never stay healthy. The season he did, the Colts won a Super Bowl. The Cardinals need that from Mathieu.

Good luck, Tyrann, hope you are healthy and ready to roll in 2017.