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Week 16 NFL TV Maps

What games will you be enjoying on Christmas Eve?

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Happy Holidays, Revenge of the Birds family.

Things are going to be slow the next couple of days, but if you have anything you want to add, throw a FanPost or FanShot up and I will get it moved to the front page. Things should be close to back to normal on Monday, definitely on Tuesday.

Also, I am road tripping. My pilgrimage to the Midwest hell known as Illinois is here, so anything breaking may be slow coming onto the site Wednesday through Friday. If you see something come across the wire, throw something on the Post or Shot and again, it will get moved onto the front page.

This will be posted on every article that comes through the next couple of days, just so if things are quiet, everyone knows why.

If you are like me and in Arizona, for at least one more week, and do not have DirectTV your options are bad for the single game CBS.

We all get to enjoy the Jets visiting the Patriots, because who would want to be bothered watching a game with playoff implications in Miami at Buffalo?

On the Fox early game, most of the country at least gets a game with huge playoff implications in the Vikings at the Packers.

The late game on Fox is basically a straight divide of the west and the east. If you live west of Mississippi you will be watching the Cardinals at the Seahawks, east of the Mississippi the Bucs and Saints try to keep their playoff hopes alive (I know it is not a clean split, just use your imagination).

Then poor California has to be subjected to the 49ers at the Rams.