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Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks: What to Watch

What to watch in the Arizona Cardinals final game with the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Let’s get to it, as we talk about what to watch in the Arizona Cardinals visit to the great northwest and the Seattle Seahawks.

Can Anyone Stop Tyler Lockett?

The Cardinals have been victimized heavily by players not being covered by Patrick Peterson in the last several games. This week, Peterson will likely follow around Doug Baldwin, which means young Brandon Williams or even newly called up Harlan Miller.

The Seahawks will rely heavily on the Lockett or whoever Peterson is not guarding, to get off the snide against the Cardinals this season.

Continue to Lock Up Tight Ends

The Cardinals previous weakness is now a strength, as they are one of the best in the NFL at stopping the tight end. Jimmy Graham has been very good this season, but the Cardinals have been even better at stopping good tight ends. Let’s keep the trend up.

Stop Thomas Rawls

The first game featured a piss poor effort to run the ball from the Seahawks, I don’t expect that to be the case this week. The Cardinals defense needs to find a way to summon the strength and desire to continue to control the Seahawks offense, or this thing could get sideways.

Protect Carson Palmer

Do we need to say anything more?

Get David Johnson to 100

Johnson is one of the few bright spots on the season. Do not let the Seahawks end his streak of 100 yards from scrimmage. Anyone but Seattle.