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Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Christmas Night Open Thread

Drunk, bored, alone, looking to avoid family? Revenge of the Birds has you covered on this Christmas Holiday.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Merry Christmas one and all from the Revenge of the Birds family.

Not much on the docket today, so if you are here looking for something to do to get you through your family dinner or are drunk and trying to avoid weird conversation, well we are here to help with a gameday open thread for the Denver Broncos visit to take on the new AFC West favorites... Kansas City Chiefs.

Things are going to be slow the next couple of days, but if you have anything you want to add, throw a FanPost or FanShot up and I will get it moved to the front page. Things should be close to back to normal on Monday, definitely on Tuesday.

Also, I am road tripping coming up on my pilgrimage to the Midwest hell known as Illinois, so anything breaking may be slow coming onto the site Wednesday through Friday. If you see something come across the wire, throw something on the Post or Shot and again, it will get moved onto the front page.

This will be posted on every article that comes through the next couple of days, just so if things are quiet, everyone knows why.

The Chiefs are looking to take advantage of an awful break for the Oakland Raiders with the injury to Derek Carr, but they have their work cut out for them, with the Denver Broncos in Arrowhead on primetime, Christmas night.

The Chiefs are -3.5 favorites and if you could trust the Broncos offense at all, this is a different game. Except you can’t really trust the Chiefs offense either.

Chiefs 17
Broncos 15