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For Larry Fitzgerald There Is But One Question: Can The Cardinals Win?

While mulling over whether or not he should retire this offseason, Larry Fitzgerald will only be asking himself a simple question.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals Team President Michael Bidwill, General Manager Steve Keim and Head Coach Bruce Arians will likely meet with the team's star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald at some point in the upcoming offseason to try and persuade him to come back for one more run at a championship. In this meeting, they will need to clearly lay out what their plans are to upgrade the roster and how they can avoid having a repeat of 2016. If these questions can't be answered, or if the answers aren't to his liking, Fitzgerald can easily walk away from the game -- and the team -- that he has known for so long.

And if he does decide to retire, no one can blame him. He mentioned that this season has been extremely taxing on him both physically and mentally. Being in the twilight years of his career, still producing at the level he does and not being able to sniff the playoffs after a year where your team made it to the NFC Championship would take a toll on anyone in that position.

Fitz no longer has a need for money. He has stated multiple times that his desire for personal accolades is minimal at best. He already has stamped his passport due for Canton. What he wants more than anything is to win. And he doesn't just want to win regular season games or playoff games to get to the end -- he wants to cross the finish line.

The Michael Floyd being released drama, the moving of Fitzgerald to the slot to be a more prominent blocker on running plays, the focal point of the offense moving to David Johnson -- none of that matters. Fitz has shown that he is willing to adopt and adapt if it helps the team win. Questions regarding those issues can always be answered later.

The one thing he needs to know for now: can the Arizona Cardinals hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February of 2018?