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Revenge of the Birds Fantasy Champion for 2016: Barkley Barely

How did the 2016 Revenge of the Birds Fantasy Football league finish up?

It was a fun filled 2016 in the Revenge of the Birds fantasy football league.

To start, we got everyone to participate except one person, who dropped out, so the participation was good.

Next, it was a competitive league.

In the regular season, I crapped the bed and took 12th, but when things mattered, in the bottom half of the playoffs, I was able to make it to the last week and took 8th overall.

Yet, in the top half, the top two seeds, coming off bye weeks, both got waxed in the second round.

It set up a championship game between Barkley Barely and The Heavy Chevy’s.

Barely put up a good week with 94 points, but Heavy Chevy’s team decided to regress from their previous week and put up a measley 70 points to give Barkley Barely the win.

The final standings:

Barkley Barely
The Heavy Chevy’s
3rd String QBoTF
The Chandler Jonez
Redbird Thunder
Seattle Birdgang
Desert Devilry
Gronkey Punch
Motley Crew
Arizona Tornado

Thanks for a fun year all.