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Fiesta Bowl Prospects to Watch

Get to know some of the prospects in the Fiesta Bowl that could fit the Arizona Cardinals.

Ohio State v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With the NFL on pause today, you have two fantastic football games this weekend with the College Football Championship Semi Finals taking place.

The second matchup of the day takes place in Arizona's own backyard as the two seed Clemson Tigers take on the three seed Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl.

For each team there is plenty to like, but more importantly there are plenty of prospects to watch for the Arizona Cardinals. Here are a couple from each team I'll be watching Saturday evening.

Clemson Prospects:

DeShaun Watson, QB
Mike Williams, WR
Cordrea Tankersly, CB

Ohio State Prospects:

Marshon Lattimore, CB
Curtis Samuel, RB/WR
Noah Brown, WR

Outside of Watson, who is still and will remain my favorite QB in this draft, all of the players similar positions.

The Cardinals need outside help on offense and defense, a big bodied receiver early like Williams or in the later of day two like Brown could help.

Tankersly and Lattimore are two good athletic corners on the outside, both of whom would have to be taken in round one.

Samuel is the wild card here. He is a hybrid player, he’s a smaller David Johnson, or a new Andre Ellington in style of play. A running back who can run, but play outside. He is a day two guy that could find his way into a starting lineup as a wide receiver in a year or two.

Who will you be watching?