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Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Redskins first half thread

Talk about the game, cheer on the Cardinals and hope the playoff push starts today.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Welcome one and all to the Arizona Cardinals biggest game of the year. A win today would mean just the first of what will hopefully be five "biggest games of the year" for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals have a huge task today in trying to stop the red hot Washington Redskins offense, but if any team is up to the task, it would be the Arizona Cardinals, at home, in desperation mode.

If they can't do it, then this was obviously not meant to be this yaer.

If you want to have something delicious to eat during the game, check out Risky Business' wonderful recipe.

Want to know what to watch for in this game? Check out my keys to the game, hopefully we see the Cardinals defense help out the offense today.

The morning was not kind to the Arizona Cardinals playoff chances, hopefully the afternoon goes better.

The five questions was excellent this week with Hogs Haven.

Enjoy the game and Go Cardinals!