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Arizona Cardinals have to win in Miami to keep division hopes alive.

Seattle is on the cusp of another NFC West Championship, but the Arizona Cardinals can do something about it.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What was supposed to be a franchise altering season has now turned into a battle just to make the playoffs.

Not only is there a battle for the playoffs, but a loss this weekend to Miami coupled with a Seattle Seahawks win or tie against the Green Bay Packers will give the Seahawks another NFC West title.

Here's the thing, as long as the Arizona Cardinals take care of their business, they can delay crowning the Seahawks as division champions, and continue to put themselves in a position to make the playoffs.

It may seem like hope is fleeting, but the reality is simple… win and you have a chance.

No one thought the Arizona Cardinals would be out of the division with three games left to play in the regular season, barring an injury to Carson Palmer, yet they are in a position if they do not take care of their own house, that's exactly where they'll be.

The mentality moving forward for Arizona has to be that the Seahawks will not lose, so Arizona has to keep pace with that for as long as they can until their showdown in Seattle.

If Arizona is able to do that, they give themselves a chance and with the season they have had… a chance is all you can ask for.