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Super Bowl odds: 70 percent of public money on Panthers, Vegas needs Broncos to win

The public likes offense.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't had very much Super Bowl 50 coverage so far and that is because it felt wrong after the Arizona Cardinals season came to a close so disappointingly. But it is time to move on and to get some coverage in now that Super Bowl week actually begins. The Carolina Panthers, who eliminated the Cardinals from the postseason have been favorites to win it since the two teams were determined, but public money is moving the line further toward Carolina.

The Panthers are getting a lot of action by those making their Super Bowl wagers. 70 percent of bets placed in Vegas are for Carolina and that has pushed the line from Carolina -4.5 to -6.

From the Vegas perspective, they need Denver to win, according to Bovada Sports Book Manager Kevin Bradley. "Even though from a futures perspective the Panthers is a better result, it looks like from the early money that we will need Denver pretty big with over 70% of the money on Carolina," he said. "The Panthers opened at -4.5 and are now -6. I am quite surprised how one-sided it is so early, but it seems our bettors would rather go with the Panthers offense against what is a very good Denver defense."

From a fan perspective, there is something satisfying about seeing Vegas perhaps lose. But the house finds a way to always win. But knowing the movement on the line, if you were to make your Super Bowl bet, who would it be? Would you give up six points to take Carolina, or would you go with Denver's defense to keep it close?