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Super Bowl commercials: No puppies (!), Marilyn Monroe for Snickers and T-Mobile hailing old ads

We're leading up to the big game. what commercials will be on in addition to the actual football game?

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Since the Super Bowl is this weekend, one thing that lots of people find as intriguing as the game itself (and sometimes moreso) are the commercials that air. It is the biggest TV event of the year, which means it is the biggest stage for advertisers. So each day leading up to the big game, I will share a few commercial teasers I run across.

One of the more heart-warming commercials is always Budweiser, who has featured horses and puppies. Sadly, there will be no more puppies. Sad, right? So let's see an old one with a dog.

Snickers will also have a new ad. Their ad last year taking a scene out of the Brady Bunch and featuring Danny Trejo won a Super Clio Award (a big deal). This time around, we think Marilyn Monroe will be singing happy birthday. That's not what we get.

T-Mobile's teaser ad references several of the classic Super Bowl commercials, but then tells us they won't have any of that in their actual ad. Oh well. Whatever magenta is, that ill be on it.

That's it for now. More coming tomorrow.