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Cardinals make a pair of Monday signings

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The Cardinals retained a key member of 2015 success.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Fells contract came to an end after the Cardinals loss to the Carolina Panthers. Two weeks later, the Cardinals have got him to sign his exclusive rights tender.

The Exclusive Rights tender keeps Fells under contract for 2016, and it only takes up 600 thousand of the Cardinals 20 million in cap space. Fells finished 2015 with 21 catches, 311 yards, and three scores, as well as a touchdown catch against the Panthers. Fells will turn 30 before the start of the season, but a big tight end who blocks well, and makes plays when he gets opportunities to catch the ball.

The Cardinals have another tight end who showed a lot of promise prior to his injury in 2015. Ifyeani Momah is another ERFA player, who will likely sign his offer from the Cardinals. At 600 thousand who can block and his a huge receiving threat in the red zone, it will possibly make our tight end crew stronger than it was last year.

The Cardinals also added Shaun Prater a 5'9 cornerback who has played in 21 games in the last four seasons. He has one career pick.