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2016 NFL mock draft: A different Georgia pass rusher for Arizona Cardinals?

Pass rush is a need, so perhaps Jenkins might fit?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

After a dominating defensive performance the Super Bowl led by Von Miller and a super pass rush, all the talk has been about how the Arizona Cardinals can generate more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. It will surely be a priority in this year's NFL Draft.

In Dan Kadar's latest mock draft for SB Nation, another player to play the edge for the Cardinals defense comes up. It isn't Noah Spence or even Leonard Floyd. Spence is a top 10 pick in this mock and Floyd goes in the top 20. The guy Kadar presents is Floyd's teammate at Georgia -- Jordan Jenkins.

Here's another team that could do with improving its pass rush. The Cardinals had just 35 sacks in the regular season, an average number. Jenkins has enough athleticism to rush the passer as a linebacker, but played with his hand down at times for Georgia and would give Arizona some versatility.

Unlike Floyd, Jenkins' size is not an issue. He is 6-3, 253 pounds, which is right in the range the Cardinals like their outside linebackers to have. However, he did not have super sack totals in college. He had just four sacks in 2015. He was a team captain and he has played both standing up and with his hand in the ground.

In some ways, he could be the type of guy the Cardinals go after, but he would not likely become a premier pass rusher. Those just don't usually come late in the first round. And if you look at CBS Sports' draft rankings, he is projected to be a third rounder. You should be thinking more Alex Okafor or Sam Acho.

Is this a case of a pass rusher need forcing a pick way too early, or would Jenkins fit the bill while the Cardinals try to find their own version of Von Miller?