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Arizona Cardinals still 'primed to win it all' in 2016

We like to think so, too.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It is easy to write off the Arizona Cardinals for next year after how they lost in the NFC Championship Game. Suddenly, despite a record setting season, all the flaws seem to be right out in front for everyone to see. But we forget they were a 13-win team. So it is nice to see the Cardinals still being mentioned among top teams and top contenders.'s Elliott Harrison believes Arizona is one of three teams "primed to win it all" this next season, as he explains on a video for NFL Now.

"A couple things on the Cardinals, Carson Palmer's not going to turn the ball over six times again," he said . "I know not everybody believes in him, maybe you don't think that he's a top-five quarterback, but you could argue he's a top-15 quarterback, top-10.

"He was an MVP candidate, and even if you think that was an anomaly, fine, but I don't think he's going to have those kind of turnover problems in a game again.

"This defense is going to be better. Bruce Arians made it very clear he's going after pass rushers. And while we're on the subject of Bruce Arians, is there a better head coach than Bruce Arians?"

Harrison has the Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers as his three teams primed to win it all.

The common thread? A quality, veteran quarterback leading the way and key offensive pieces. Pittsburgh and Arizona have big needs on defense.

Should we still be looking at this Cardinals team as "primed to win it all," or are we just too hopeful after a magical season by Carson Palmer that can't be repeated?