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What car would the Arizona Cardinals be?

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One site compares NFL teams with automobiles.

Well, we have definitely hit the offseason. It's when we start coming up with strange concepts for NFL teams. We have seen NFL logos redesigned with Disney concepts, as British logos, as animals and more. This time it is about teams and cars.

Check it out.

CJ Pony Parts imagined all 32 NFL teams as cars and gives the reasons why.

What about the Arizona Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals are the Volkswagen Phaeton W12.

Looks completely ordinary, but has a ton of hidden power. You wouldn't know from the looks, but the Phaeton W12 has 420 horsepower.

That is an apt comparison. Arizona is a high-powered team that has mostly gotten overlooked because of how they look -- Carson Palmer, a "journeyman" quarterback is their guy leading the way.

I like it, but I think two teams in the division have hilarious cars.

The Rams? They are a Uhaul....I imagine you get the joke.

The 49ers? They are a Google Self-Driving Car. Why? "A driverless car for a team with questionable leadership."