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Mike Mayock positional rankings for quarterbacks give Arizona Cardinals some options if they want

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But the Cardinals won't have a chance at at least two.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network's Mike Mayock has released his first positional rankings for this year's NFL Draft. This comes just before the NFL Combine and gives fans a look at who could be the top prospects at each position. Over the next few days, we will look at the top players at each position and who could be available for the Arizona Cardinals.

First we look at the top quarterbacks, according to Mayock. His top five are as follows:

1. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State
2. Jared Goff, California
3. Paxton Lynch, Memphis
4. Connor Cook, Michigan State
5. Dak Prescott, Mississippi State

The Cardinals are in a position where they do not need to have a quarterback now, but they should take one they like. Carson Palmer is going to be the starter for 2016 and his salary cap hit suggests 2017 if he intends on continuing to play. Nonetheless, if you can take your future franchise guy, you take him.

The issue is the top guys won't be available when the Cardinals pick at No. 29. That means at minimum Wentz and Goff will be off the board.

That leaves us with (maybe) Lynch, Cook and Prescott.

One thing we know about Bruce Arians is he has a body type he wants for his quarterbacks. He likes them tall, thick and strong-armed. It is one reason why Teddy Bridgewater was not on their radar a couple of years ago.

In terms of build, Lynch is 6-7, 245 pounds. He is plenty big. Cook is 6-4, 216. He is tall enough, but a little stringier. Prescott is 6-2, 226. That is at the bottom of height, but he is thick enough.

In terms of arm strength, all three are solid, but Cook can make "big boy throws," as his draft profile says. Accuracy is an concern with all three.

Lynch and Prescott are very athletic. Cook is more traditional and can anticipate throws.

Which would be the best fit for the Cardinals, and if they were to draft one, would any be worth a first round pick?