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PFF revisits the 2010 NFL Draft, gives best and worst picks for Arizona Cardinals

Arizona had a couple of really good players in that draft.

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NFL teams count on drafting well to build quality teams. When they don't draft well, it is hard to create or maintain success as a franchise. Pro Football Focus looked back at the 2010 NFL Draft and graded each team, according to their scoring, giving the best and worst picks.

The Arizona Cardinals had impact players and an overall bad grade.

Cumulative grade (seven picks): -7.0

Best pick: DT Dan Williams (round 1, pick 26, +33.7 overall grade)

Williams was, at times, an immovable object in the middle of Arizona's defense, helping to keep offensive lineman off of LB Daryl Washington (round 2, pick 47, +34.0 cumulative grade), who was on pace to hold down this top spot before being suspended for part of 2013 and all of 2014.

Worst pick: QB John Skelton (round 5, pick 155, -25.6 cumulative grade)

Skelton started 17 games in his three seasons in Arizona. While much probably shouldn't have been expected from the fifth-rounder out of Fordham, he failed to impress in his extended audition, grading as PFF's second-worst QB in both 2011 and 2012.

Math tells you after the second round, the Cardinals did not do well. They had a +67.7 between Williams and Washington, but then the rest of the picks had to have combined for a -74.7. That's bad. Skelton had moments, though, but just couldn't be consistent enough.

What makes matters worse is the only pick left from that draft is Washington and he has been suspended since May of 2014. Williams played well in 2015 for the Raiders. After that, no one else is having any real impact in the league.