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Matthew Berry fantasy rankings have David Johnson way up, Carson Palmer down

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Some very, very early fantasy football rankings.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It is too early to think about fantasy football, isn't it? Yes, it is way too early to really think about next season's fantasy team. But I guess it isn't, as fantasy gurur Matthew Berry is already putting out fantasy football rankings. He released his initial rankings looking ahead to 2016 and Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson appears to be a player who will be coveted by fantasy owners everywhere, while other Cardinals players are not getting nearly as much love.

Johnson is Berry's fifth-ranked running back, behind only Le'Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley and Jamaal Charles -- all really big names in the running back business.

But it makes sense. Fans got a tate of what Johnson is able to do late in the season. He can put up big numbers in the running game and can make a huge impact in the passing game. Plus, he loves the end zone. He scored 13 touchdowns as a rookie in limited playing time for the first half of the season.

Johnson gets a lot of love, but other Cardinals do not.

Carson Palmer, who was one of the best quarterbacks in 2015 and was fantasy gold all season, is not ranked as highly as you might think. Berry ranked Palmer eighth, just ahead of Blake Bortles. The names ahead of his are all bigger names, but will they have better numbers? That is the question. Plus, he has such weapons in Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and John Brown.

Cardinals receivers all hurt the fantasy rankings of their teammates. None of the top three wideouts for Arizona even make the top 25 in fantasy ranking. But when all are seen as equal threats, it happens like that. In fact, they are all bunched together. Fitz is 28th, Brown is 30th and Floyd is 31st.

Andre Ellington, who became the invisible back late in the season, is 50th among running backs.

As you can imagine, no Cardinals tight end even made the list at all. Tight ends do not put up big numbers in the offense because of all the other weapons they have.

Should the fantasy world be this high on Johnson? Shoulsd they be higher on other Cardinals players?