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Mike Mayock NFL Draft positional rankings: Is there a running back there for the Arizona Cardinals?

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Let's see who the best backs are and whether they are worth taking for Arizona.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mayock released his top five running backs for the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. They have a couple of big names. Do any of these players fit for the Arizona Cardinals? After all, they already have a back in David Johnson they believe wil be very, very good. Head coach Bruce Arians is on the record as saying he would like to find another player like Johnson.

Now we know running backs often fall in the draft. The position does not hold the value it has in the past. So there is the possibility any of these players could fall to the end of the first round.

Here are Mayock's top five backs:

1. Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State
2. Derrick Henry, Alabama
3. Devontae Booker, Utah
4. Kenneth Dixon, Louisiana Tech
5. Jordan Howard, Indiana

Elliott and Henry are likely first rounders. Henry is just an absolute punisher as a runner. Elliott is big and dynamic as a runner, but need refinement in blocking and receiving.

Booker touched the ball a ton at Utah and will be a 24-year old rookie in the NFL. He is strong and is elusive, but he might not be speedy enough to breakaway at the next level.

Dixon is another guy who might not have the speed, but blocks well and is strong. Plus he was productive in the passing game.

Howard is big -- 6-0, 225 -- and is powerful, but there are questions about durability.

Which of these guys would be the best fit with the Cardinals? Would you want any of these guys in 2016?