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Tyrann Mathieu contract extension negotiations have begun, Arizona Cardinals have made an offer

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Mathieu "optimistic" something will get done.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We already know the Arizona Cardinals have a goal to get safety Tyrann Mathieu signed to a lucrative long-term deal this offseason. Negotiations have apparently begun, according to Mike Jurecki. He spoke to Mathieu at an autograph signing in Casa Grande.

Mathieu reiterated something he has already said this offseason. "I want to spend the rest of my career here," he said. He is focused on his knee and getting it healthy, though.

Jurecki found out the Cardinals have made an initial contract offer. Mathieu "didn't want to get into details of the negotiations, but was optimistic something would get done at some point."

Jurecki thinks the contract the Seattle Seahawks gave Earl Thomas will serve as a model for the Mathieu deal. He got four years, $40 million, with $25.7 million guaranteed and a $9.5 million signing bonus.

Seth Cox has speculated a couple of times on this site he could get five years, $65 million and $35 million guaranteed.

Regarding his surgically repaired knee, Mathieu said, "hopefully they can see me for training camp." He told Jurecki he is further along in his rehab after six weeks than he was the last time he went through this. Of course, this time it was only the ACL and not his whole knee.

As contracts have gone for the Cardinals the last few years, it doesn't sound like this process will be tough. The deal will get done. There were no hanguips for Larry Fitzgerald or Patrick Peterson. A deal for Mathieu will get done.