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2016 NFL mock draft: Who are the popular picks for the Arizona Cardinals so far?

With the 29th pick, it is mostly "other" players.

We are still many weeks away from the 2016 NFL Draft, but we have certainly seen a lot of mock drafts. While it is hard and even absurd to try and guess who the Arizona Cardinals will pick, especially since they have the 29th pick overall. However, it is useful to discuss prospects who might be available and who might or might not fit what the Cardinals want.

This mock draft post is not about any one pick by someone, but rather what the projected picks look like so far, as put together by SB Nation's Adam Stites.

So far, for the Arizona Cardinals, "other" is the most common pick.

Here is the breakdown:

Leonard Floyd is the player named the most at more than 20 percent.

Jonathan Bullard is mocked more than nine percent.

Noah Spence and Emmanuel Ogbah are the picks seven percent of the time.

After that, 15 percent is split up between Kevin Dodd, Sheldon Rankins and Kendall Fuller.

43 percent of the mocks have "other" players.