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2016 NFL Draft: Are there options for Arizona Cardinals among Mike Mayock's top WRs, TEs?

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We look at pass catchers today.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the new week, we continue to look at the players NFL Draft analyst Mike Mayock has in his top five prospects at each position. We look at the wide receivers and the tight ends. If you know anything about Bruce Arians, he will draft a wide receiver. However, he won't necessarily do it with an early pick.

But let's see if any of the top receivers or tight ends might be early options for the Cardinals in this upcoming draft.

The top five at both positions, according to Mayock, are:

1. Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss
2. Corey Coleman, Baylor
3. Michael Thomas, Ohio State
4. Josh Doctson, TCU
5. Will Fuller, Notre Dame

Tight ends:
1. Hunter Henry, Arkansas
2. Austin Hooper, Stanford
3. Jerrell Adams, South Carolina
4. Nick Vannett, Ohio State
5. Henry Krieger Coble, Notre Dame

In terms of receivers, we know Bruce Arians loves speed. He tends to prefer shorter, speedy guys. He has a luxury uin Michael Floyd because he has top end speed to go with great size. However, the Cardinals have both Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald entering the last year of their contracts. Getting a receiver might be a necessity.

Coleman is probably the guy Arians would drool over. He is fast, he can leap and his draft profile comp is John Brown. He has some issues with drops, though. He is 5-11, 190.

He has the right size and speed combo to be a good WR1 (6-3, 209) but some consider him to have a really low florr if he doesn't develop.

Doctson is 6-3, 195 and has some developing to do. He has good ball skills, but doesn't have top end speed.

Fuller is fast and skinny at 6-0, 172. Some comp him to DeSean Jackson. Others compare him to Ted Ginn.

At tight end, the Cardinals don't have a huge need, but if Troy Niklas doesn't develop or can't stay healthy, they will need a guy to develop. Remember a tight end must be able to block, first and foremost in the Cardinals offense.

Bruce Arians loves big tight ends. Except for Gerald Christian, who they see more as an H-back, all the tight ends they have had since Arians arrived are at least 6-5.

Henry would be a perfect Arians tight end. He is a great run blocker and reliable hands. He is 6-5, 253, so the size is right, too.

Hooper is "only" 6-4, but he is versatile. He is a solid pass catcher, but lacks in blocking.

Adams is 6-5, 244 and is a little less athletic. He is okay at receiving and decent at blocking.

Vannett looks like an NFL tight end with his body type. His scouting reports don't say much about his blocking.

Krieger Coble is short by Arians tight end standards at 6-3, but can run block, cut block and is an able inline blocker. He is okay as a receiver.

If the Cards want a tight end early, Henry is perfect, but both Kriger Coble might be a late round guy who could fit the Cardinals offense well.