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Arizona Cardinals news 2/17: Keim talks, changed draft philosophy, pass rusher through draft

Cardinals and NFL news to start your Wednesday.

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After a long weekend, there was a bit of content about the Cardinals and the NFL. Steve Keim was on the radio.The franchise tag period began. Start your day with a bunch of things to read!


Cardinals Blogs | How Mathieu impacted Keim’s draft philosophy
"Going into my first draft as a GM, there’s no way I thought a player like Tyrann Mathieu should get a second chance," Keim said during the "Doug and Wolf" show on Arizona Sports 98.7. "Now that we gave Tyrann that chance and he’s become the player and the person that is is, he’s changed my thinking on that a little bit that some — some — players deserve second chances."

NFL: Arizona Cardinals' first draft picks since 1954

Take a look at the Cardinals' first draft picks in each season going back to 1954 (Round selected other than first in parenthesis)

Bickley: Shane Doan, Larry Fitzgerald enjoying late career surge

Shane Doan and Larry Fitzgerald are pillars of our sporting community.

Looking at the Arizona Cardinals' free agents: special teams

Cardinals punter Drew Butler is poised to be a free agent and though he didn't have a great season in 2015, he's likely to be back in Arizona.

Cardinals might not need to tag any free agents this offseason - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

There are three different types of tags NFL clubs can use on potential free agents: The exclusive franchise tag, the non-exclusive franchise tag, and the transition tag.

Cards GM Keim: Tyrann Mathieu changed approach to Draft

Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim had no apprehension about admitting he has evolved over his three seasons in that role with the team.

Cards GM Steve Keim will look for pass rushers in the draft

Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim believes that looking for pass rushers in free agency is often times too risky.


What we know about Peyton Manning's sexual harassment scandal -

A 1996 incident from Peyton Manning's days at the University of Tennessee is back in the headlines again. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Patriots LB Jerod Mayo announces retirement at 29 -

After three seasons on the IR, Mayo has hung up his cleats.

Kirk Cousins, Washington hit roadblock in contract talks -

At least for now, Washington looks likely to apply the franchise tag to Kirk Cousins rather than agree to a long-term deal.

Colts and Packers to kick off 2016 preseason in Hall of Fame Game -

Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison and Brett Favre will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before.

J.J. Watt has strong breakfast opinions and is very serious about them -

He's very serious about them.

What is the NFL franchise tag and how does it work? -

The NFL offseason is just starting to heat up. Here's a brief overview of the franchise tag, projected values and top candidates to get tagged this year.

The Titans are already getting calls about the No. 1 pick -

The draft's more than two months away, and teams are already trying to leapfrog the Browns at No. 2.

It's time to pretend you're an NFL salary cap expert -

Like birds chirping and tulip bulbs sprouting up, the NFL's franchise window is a sure sign that spring is here. So who's going to get the tag this season?

Aaron Rodgers inadvertently links to Garfield porn while thanking God on Twitter -

It's not your fault, Aaron. You probably didn't know God's Twitter account got hacked.

Roger Goodell made $34 million during scandal-ridden 2014 season -

The NFL commissioner has earned $180.5 million in nine years on the job.