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Tony Jefferson, Carson Palmer, other Cardinals see bump in Madden ratings

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Mike Stobe/Getty Images

There have been a couple of articles citing Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson and how he reacted to the news that his Madden rating went up. After all, entering the NFL as an undrafted rookie, he started quite low and he has had in his Twitter bio how he is just trying to get that rating up.

His rating did go up, but he wasn't alone. Several Arizona Cardinals players saw changes in their Madden ratings, according to a Sporting News article documenting the biggest increases and drops in ratings.

Carson Palmer, who had a career season, saw the biggest jump at his position. He went from 83-96. He now is an elite quarterback on the game.

David Johnson gained nine points, increasing from 70-79.

John Brown had one of the biggest increases at receiver. He went up 10 to 89, while Larry Fitzgerald saw an eight-point bump, putting him back as one of the best in football at 95.

Left tackle Jared Veldheer had one of the biggest decreases among offensive linemen, dropping seven points. He is now an 83.

While Jefferson was the topic of some Internet conversation, there were three Cardinals safeties who saw big increases. Tyrann Mathieu had the largest increase of 11 points. He is a 94 now. Jefferson increased nine points to 86, while Rashad Johnson went up six to 83.