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2016 NFL Draft: Will any of Mayock's top edge rushers even be available for Arizona Cardinals?

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In recent mocks, it will not be the case.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we are still talking about pass rushers. It will be the theme of the offseason until we see it has improved. As such, this is about the top edge rushers in this year's NFL Draft, according to NFL analyst Mike Mayock. He released his top five players at each position a while back and we continue to look  at it position by position.

Since the Arizona Cardinals are looking for a pass rusher, there should be particular interest in this group -- the edge rushers. However, because of the demand of such players, it is quite possible none of these five are even available for the Cardinals to draft.

Edge rusher

1. Joey Bosa, Ohio State
2. Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky
3. Shaq Lawson, Clemson
4. Leonard Floyd, Georgia
5. Kevin Dodd, Clemson

Bosa will go in the top five. Spence is getting top 10 talk. Lawson is mostly off the board before the Cardinals pick and Floyd, despite being very lean also finds himself off the board in the top 20.

I have seen less info and heard less chatter about Dodd, although in some recent mocks even he is off the board.

Which do you think has the most likely chance of being available at No. 29 for the Cardinals?