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NFL Draft podcast: NFL Combine snubs, who might still get drafted and hot takes

Have a listen to the latest NFL Draft Breakdown podcast.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With it being NFL Draft season, I myself lean a lot on Seth Cox, who is all about the NFL Draft. He hosts the NFL Draft Breakdown podcast with a couple of other guys I also trust. Seth and Justin Higdon recorded their 18th show and it focused on the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine. More specifically, it was about the snubs.

Why were they snubbed and why does it seem like there is more outrage than normal?

They talk quarterbacks and other positions and then discuss some of the non-invitees and who might find themselves getting drafted still. After all, there are roughly 40 guys each year who do get drafted without a combine invite. The Arizona Cardinals drafted a pair of them -- Shaq Riddick and Rodney Gunter.

Have a listen, enjoy the show and give your takes. After all, you do get to hear about the latest draft hot takes. It is a part I really enjoy.