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Boomer Esiason to Carson Palmer: Get home-field advantage

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It's what gave Carolina the edge.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot said about the performance of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer in the NFC Championship Game. He choked. He was awful and maybe he will never recover. But a former Super Bowl quarterback put things into perspective.

Former Cincinnati Bengals (and Arizona Cardinals) QB Boomer Esiason, who now works for CBS as an analyst said in a recent meeting with the media he texted Palmer after the 49-15 loss to the Panthers and indicated home-field advantage is a big deal.

"Ya gotta get home-field advantage," Esiason said he texted Palmer after the game. "Because it certainly worked for Carolina."

Palmer threw four interceptions and lost two fumbles in the game. He played poorly, but he also ran into buzzsaw.

Carolina lost only one game all season. Arizona went 13-3 and lost two games they probably should have won. That was the difference.

Winning on the road in the playoffs is a tough thing to do. The question is now whether Palmer and the Cardinals bounce back. Can they take the next step and either win on the road or play well enough in the season to avoid even having to play on the road?