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Could Chris Long be a pass rushing option for the Arizona Cardinals?

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The recently cut veteran has Valley ties.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, we will speculate more about the recently cut Los Angeles Rams. One of the three big names let go by the Rams was defensive end Chris Long. Arizona Cardinals fans know him well, as he has terrorized Cardinals quarterbacks for many years.

Now he is a free agent and looking for work.

Should the Cardinals bring him in?

Why it makes sense

Bruce Arians and Steve Keim have a good relationship with the Long family. That never hurts.

The Cardinals want help in the pass rushing department. He has 54.5 career sacks.

He has played in a 4-3 for years, but while the Cardinals play a 3-4, their nickel sets are essentially four-man fronts.

Why it doesn't make sense

Long appears to be falling apart. Now 30 years old, he has had a total of four sacks in his last two seasons. He has played in only 18 of 32 games over the last two seasons. He already has been used as a situational player. He started only five games last season.

If they want to bring him in as a situational pass rusher, would he be more effective than Dwight Freeney, who had eight sacks in that role last season? And if the Cardinals bring back Freeney, would there be any playing time for him?

Bottom line

Whether or not Long is a possibility probably is determined by Freeney's plans. If the team wants him back and he wants to play more, then he would be the guy to be the team's situational rusher and Long probably isn't going to be an every down player again. Plus, transitioning to 3-4 OLB would not be the easiest thing if he is going to be more than a rusher.

Should the Cardinals go after Long? He does have pass rushing skills. Perhaps he could be the 2016 version of Freeney.