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Steve Keim: Michael Floyd 'took it to another level' in 2015

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The general manager is very high on the fifth-year receiver.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have an interesting situation with receiver Michael Floyd. He hasn't really had a big time season yet, but he has had some big time games. He is now entering his fifth season and the team has him locked up for the season, having exercised his fifth-year option. It will pay him more than $7 million this season. But he and Larry Fitzgerald both are scheduled to become free agents after the season.

There is some question as to what Arizona should do with him.

But general manager Steve Keim loves what Floyd did in 2015.

"Mike has made tremendous strides, particularly this past year, not only from a skill-set standpoint but from a maturity standpoint," Keim told the media in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine on Wednesday. "His work ethic, his passion for the game, I think he took it to another level. I think you saw that in his play this year."

Floyd finished with 52 receptions for 849 yards and six touchdowns, but was hampered early in the season with a gruesome injury to his fingers -- serious locations -- he suffered in training camp. He lost his starting job to John Brown, was not targeted a lot early in the season, but finished strong. He had five 100-yard games in the final half of the season.

Head coach Bruce Arians believes Floyd would have been the team's top yardage gainer had he been healthy all year, saying he thinks Floyd would have had 1500 yards.

But what to the Cardinals do with Floyd? Do they pay him and extend his deal. Estimates of his value have him earning an average of more than $8 million a year.

Are there plans to get him extended?

"He's a guy we'll look at addressing," Keim said. "I would say that no deal is imminent but he is a guy who certainly has done a good job for us."

With the possibility of Larry Fitzgerald retiring after the season or leaving elsewhere after his contract expires next offseason, losing Floyd would be tough. However, John Brown would be up for a potential contract extension.

If I had to take anything from what Keim is saying, I would bet they are going to wait and see what happens with the draft. If they get a receiver Arians really likes, they might play the season out, knowing they could always use the franchise tag on Floyd next offseason. But it might allow the team to move on if Fitz returns, Brown has another big year and either J.J. Nelson takes another big step forward or they draft a receiver with good potential.