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2016 NFL mock draft: Full simulation for Arizona Cardinals using 'best player available'

See what happens if you just use the top of the board.

On my mock draft Saturday, I tried something different. Instead of trying to select players who might fit the Arizona Cardinals, their needs and the type of players they like to have on their team, I decided to simulate the NFL Draft using the "best player available" theory many speak of.

You might find the results interesting.

Using FanSpeak's On the Clock, these were the results:

Round 1: Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson

Round 2: Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

Round 3: Tajae Sharpe, WR, UMass

Round 4: Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State

Round 5: Terrance Smith, LB, Florida State; Deandre Houston-Carson, S, William and Mary

Round 6: Christian Westerman, G, Arzona State

This probably isn't the ideal draft.

The Will Fuller pick is believable. He is lightning fast and Bruce Arians likes speed. Alexander in the first round doesn't give the Cardinals great length or speed they want in the secondary. They end up taking two consecutive receivers when they are already loaded at the position for this season.

And a kicker in the fourth round?

I used NFL Draft Geek's big board for this. Based on where guys were getting drafted, I didn't like it. Westerman in the sixth round? I think he will go much higher.

Oh, and the biggest position the Cardinals want to address -- outside linebacker? They don't get a single guy.

This is where "BPA" is not real. It depends on who is doing the draft board. And if you do a true BPA, you might be doubling up on positions while ignoring ones that need addressing. You simply cannot just take the top guy on your board. It is much more complex than that.

I will run another mock draft simulation tomorrow using a different big board and using my regular methods of selecting players.