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Bruce Arians says Arizona Cardinals have no 'needs'

But there are areas to upgrade .

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It is the time of year where we begin to focus on the areas our NFL teams need to improve. That is the case now with the Arizona Cardinals. Fans and media are talking about what the greatest needs are for the team moving forward as they try to win a championship.

But if you ask head coach Bruce Arians, as ESPN's Josh Weinfuss did, you might be surprised. Weinfuss spoke with Arians at the Waste Management Open Pro-Am and asked him what the team's biggest needs are in the offseason.

Arians response? There are none.


Arians believes there are no needs. In a way, it is sort of true. They were a very balanced team and, before a playoff collapse against the NFC champ Carolina Panthers, they were considered the favorite to win the Super Bowl. They don't really have any "needs." They could return next season with the same team and be a contender.

So that sort of makes sense.

Arians, though, didn't say he was content with what he has on his hands.

He has three areas of focus -- improve the pass rush, improve the pass protection and get younger at certain positions.

The pass rush we know about. It will probably be the number one priority this offseason.

Pass protection? They did pretty well this season, but the team is probably losing three starters on the offensive line.

Get younger? They have a lot of youth everywhere. Safety? Defensive line? This is the interesting one. We will see how it turns out. There aren't a lot of places they can really get younger.