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Bruce Arians not sure if Larry Fitzgerald will want to play after 2016

His heart will want to, but will his body?

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fitzgerald has been an Arizona Cardinal forever. It seems like he will be one forever. When he signed his new two-year contract last offseason, the team made it very clear it wants him to finish his career a Cardinal. No one wants to see him in another uniform.

Now, with 2016 being the final year of his contract, we are running into the real possibility that this is the last season for Fitz in Arizona. At age 31, you would expect him to want to play longer, but based on what head coach Bruce Arians told AZCentral reporter Bob McManaman, Fitz might hang it up.

McManaman sat down with Arians and had a drink with him and talked about a ton of things. The topic of Fitz came up and Arians isn't sure Fitz will play beyong this next season.

"I think it's in his heart. Whether or not it's in his body, I don't know," Arians said. "He did a hell of a job this year. He stayed healthy, but boy, he took a lot of beatings and got a lot of treatment. I think it'll be a year-to-year thing with Larry. I think his skill level is not going to diminish because he's going to stay in great shape.

"But man, the work it takes to stay in that kind of condition, it's hard. It's hard to stay down to 212 when you're naturally a 225-pound man."

We have just seen Calvin Johnson appear to retire at age 30. Fitz is 31. He is coming off one of the best seasons of his career. But what he does is hard to continue doing.

Could we be seeing the last of Fitz in 2016 -- not only in Arizona, but as a football player? If so, it makes winning that ring that much more urgent. He is a guy who really deserves one.