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Super Bowl prop bets: Public betting on Panthers to win, Cam Newton rushing yards, Peyton Manning to not throw multiple TDs

You have seen some of these bets. See where the money is.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have seen the on-field and non-football prop bets this week for the Super Bowl. Thanks to some numbers from Bovada, we can see where the public is putting their money. Despite the move in the line, two thirds of the bets are still on the Panthers to win the Super Bowl. That means Vegas wants Denver. The house wins big if the Broncos win it all.

In other props, that sentiment continues. The public is counting on Peyton Manning throwing less than two touchdown passes and also Cam Newton rushing for more than 40 yards. They think Luke Kuechly will have nine or more tackles.

Here is what the handle (money being bet) looks on these props.


Carolina            -6        67% of the handle (money)

Denver              +6        33% of the handle


Over                 45         65% of the handle

Under               45         35% of the handle

Highest handle props:


Super Bowl 50 - Odds to Win MVP

Cam Newton 20% of the handle

Peyton Manning            17% of the handle

Von Miller 12% of the handle

Luke Kuechly                9% of the handle

Ted Ginn Jr.                  5% of the handle

C.J. Anderson 4% of the handle

***All other players have 2% or less of the handle

Cam Newton Rushing Yards

Over     40.5      80% of the handle

Under   40.5      20% of the handle

***Moved up from original line of 35.5 yards

Peyton Manning Total TD Passes

Over     1.5        25% of the handle

Under   1.5        75% of the handle

Luke Kuechly Total Tackles and Assists

Over     8.5        90% of the handle

Under   8.5        10% of the handle

Corey Brown Total Receiving Yards

Over     39.5      90% of the handle

Under   39.5      10% of the handle

***Moved up from original line of 32.5 yards

Longest Field Goal

Over     44.5      70% of the handle

Under   44.5      30% of the handle

Coin Toss

Heads               60% of the handle

Tails                 40% of the handle

Length of the National Anthem

Over     2 minutes 20 seconds    45% of the handle

Under   2 minutes 20 seconds    55% of the handle

How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the Broadcast?

Over     1.5        50% of the handle

Under   1.5        50% of the handle

How many times will "John Fox" be said during the Broadcast?

Over     1          75% of the handle

Under   1          25% of the handle