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Super Bowl 50: 4 Former Arizona Cardinals in the big game for Panthers, 1 for Broncos

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And doesn't it make you mad?

The Arizona Cardinals aren't in the Super Bowl this weekend. That is disappointing. But what might be more frustrating is seeing former Arizona Cardinals players in the Super Bowl, especially guys who weren't all that good when they were here.

For the Carolina Panthers, there are four former Cardinals, two of whom drew all sorts of ire while with the team here.

QB Derek Anderson is Cam Newton's backup. After his forgettable performance in 2010 and his unforgettable postgame tirade, he has managed to land on his feet. He is backing up the league's biggest star and has even been pretty good when he has had to come in and play.

WR Ted Ginn had himself a nice season with 10 touchdowns. He also helped kill the Cardinals in the NFC title game. Other than a punt return touchdown in 2014 to get a win over the Giants, he was very disappointing as a returner and receiver for the Cardinals after they signed him to a three-year, $9.75 million contract.

Two other players spent time with the Cardinals.

One is running back Fozzy Whitaker. We barely knew him here. He was a late season practice squad addition in 2012 and was signed to a future contract for the 2013 season. But he was let go after the coaching change. He scored a touchdown in the Cardinals loss to the Panthers in the playoffs after the 2014 season. Now he is gonig play in the Super Bowl.

Lastly, Teddy Williams spent two seasons with the Cardinals. Now a key special teams player for Carolina, he started out as a receiver for the Cardinals in 2013. He was moved to cornerback in 2014 and was on the practice squad.

There is one former Cardinals player on the Denver roster. Defensive lineman Antonio Smith  was on the Cardinals roster when they went to the Super Bowl. It was the last game he played for them, as he left in free agency to sign a big contract with the Houston Texans. Calais Campbell was drafted that year in anticipation of Smith's departure. Smith was originally drafted by Arizona in 2004 in the fifth round.