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NFL picks against the spread: Bet on Denver in the Super Bowl

That defense is great.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it is Super Bowl time and it is time to make my against the spread pick for the big game. We have a dominating 15-1 team in the Carolina Panthers and the number one defense in the league in the Denver Broncos. No one really thought the Broncos could beat the Patriots, but they hit Tom Brady a ton of times and the Broncos offense was able to do just enough.

So which way do we go with Super Bowl 50?

Broncos vs. Panthers (-5.5): This line moved a lot. It got all the way up to 6.5 in some cases, but has since settled. Roughly two thirds of the money is coming in for the Panthers. People like the dominant offense combined with a stifling defense. They see what they did to the Arizona Cardinals and their top offense and think more is coming. But I see a Denver defense that is so very good. I don't know if Denver will win, but I am certain it will be close. I personally believe it will be a Panthers 24-20 win, so I say take the points. Both defenses are great, but Denver's has all the parts. They have the cover guys, the tacklers and the pass rush. Broncos +5.5.