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Super Bowl picks and predictions: Panthers are favorites to win it all

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The ROTB staff almost unanimously picks the Penthers.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

We are finally releasing our Super Bowl picks. Will it be Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset as a champion the way John Elway did, or will Cam Newton begin his legacy with a ring and one of the best teams ever? As you will note below, the writing staff is almost unanimous. We think it will be the Panthers.

Here are our picks and explanation.

Jess Root: Panthers 24, Broncos 20

I am actively rooting for the Broncos because I want Peyton Manning to get that second ring. It would be so great to have him get it when he was so bad this year. But this game will be tight the whole game because both defenses are so good. It will come down to a late fourth quarter touchdown by Cam Newton to propel him into Super Bowl lore.

Alex Mann: Panthers 35, Broncos 14

The Panthers can beat you in so many ways, the Broncos just don't have enough playmakers to handle the Panthers.

Seth Cox: Broncos 27, Panthers 24

One of the greatest quarterbacks ever plays in one of the best Super Bowls ever and leads a game winning drive to walk off in the sunset?

This has nothing to do with any ill will towards the Panthers and everything to do with wanting to see Peyton Manning go out on a the highest of highs.

Michael Ferguson: Panthers 27, Broncos 18

Cam throws for two, rushes for one. Peyton picked twice.

Zack Jones (he's a new guy): Panthers 35, Broncos 21

Cam and the Panthers offense struggle early on against the Broncos stellar defense. However, the Peyton-led Denver offense can't get anything going leading to short drives and 3-and-outs. The read option starts wearing out Ware and Miller while Newton, Stewart and Tolbert pound their way down the field. Broncos make a late run but Panthers never let Denver back into the game.

Jesse Reynolds: Panthers 28, Broncos 13

The Panthers were able to score on two of the better defenses in the league and so was their defense against two good offenses. Panthers are just too talented on both sides of the ball. The Broncos pass rush might be able to keep it close but if the Panthers take a big lead their run game with Newton leading the way is going to near impossible to stop.

Randy Fields: Panthers 27, Broncos 16

This is a very similar situation as the Broncos and Seahawks Super Bowl fiasco, only this time the Broncos have a better front seven and score 10 points less per game.

This is the Panthers year, but I hope that I'm wrong.

Tyler Derby: Panthers 28, Broncos 16

Carolina is too talented on both sides of the ball and that's the biggest difference. Cam is the leagues mvp, and always plays well in big games. This is no different.

Robert Norman: Panthers 31, Broncos 13

Unless Peyton Manning found the fountain of youth over the past two weeks, there is no way he will have a better game than Cam Newton and the Panthers offense. It all comes down to the fact Cam Newton is a threat both passing and running and the Broncos haven't had to face a challenge like this all year.


Now it is time for you to make your pick and score prediction. Make sure you also share it in the comments.