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2016 NFL Draft: Scout comments on some of the top pass rush prospects

Since the Arizona Cardinals are looking for pass rushing help, let's see what some scouts are saying.

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The NFL Draft is a several weeks away and we have a whole lot of time to analyze and overanalyze prospects and potential players for the Arizona Cardinals, especially those who are considered pass rushers. By all accounts, it is the area the team wants to improve the most.

Since edge players are the most intriguing right now, we can enjoy what some anonymous scouts are saying about the top edge prospects. In the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journey Sentinel, Bob McGinn collected comments on 50 top prospects, categorizing them as to how available they might be when the Green Bay Packers select two picks before the Cardinals.

But while all the comments are interesting, I want to focus only on the "pass rushers." What did scouts have to say about players like Noah Spence, Shaq Lawson, Leonard Floyd, Emmanuel Ogbah and Kevin Dodd? These are all players who have been mocked to the Cardinals at No. 29. Notice the asterisk, which denotes an underclassman. Every single one declared early.

Kevin Dodd*, DE, Clemson: 6-5, 277. Fourth-year junior. "He's a little better than (teammate) Shaq Lawson," one scout said. "Really came on. His best games were probably the last six in his career, which always helps. Quality kid, all that stuff. He's a 4-3 DE pass rusher or an outside backer in a 3-4." Had 12 sacks in 39 games (15 starts).

Shaq Lawson*, DE, Clemson: 6-3, 269. Third-year junior. "Top 25," said one scout. "Pass rusher. Long arms. Really came on this year. Played behind (Vic) Beasley in the past. Totally different than Beasley. Beasley was a speed rusher. This guy's got speed and athleticism. He's just a bigger guy." Posted 20 sacks in 43 games (16 starts).

Emmanuel Ogbah*, DE, Oklahoma State: 6-4, 273. Fourth-year junior. "Whoever takes him will get an excellent player," one scout said. "He can play any position except nose. He does what they tell him to do. He plays the defense." Consistent production (28 sacks, 36 starts) over three seasons. "Good effort player," another scout said. "Very explosive. Late first, early second." Arms were 35 1/2.

Noah Spence*, DE, Eastern Kentucky: 6-2, 251. Ended up at Eastern Kentucky after being suspended indefinitely at Ohio State for failed drug tests. "Multiple trust things got him kicked out," said one scout. "Some question marks about his character. Pass rushers are a premium, and he is that." Had a strong week at the Senior Bowl. "He could go anywhere from 15 to 35," a second scout said. "It's all on the off-field stuff. All it takes is one team to be OK with it. Especially with guys like Randy get nervous." Played well as an outside linebacker at OSU. Had 11 1/2 sacks in only season at EKU.

Leonard Floyd*, OLB, Georgia: 6-6, 244. Fourth-year junior. "He has a DeMarcus Ware kind of body," one scout said. "Could play D-end, could play outside backer. Has first-round traits and some third-round, fourth-round inconsistency." Started 32 of 38 games, finishing with 17 sacks. "His lack of bulk and strength is going to be a concern for some teams," another scout said. "He's got good pass-rush skills and instincts. People will be concerned about him because of Barkevious Mingo and Dion Jordan in recent years."

What is most interesting is Spence, now considered a lock for the top 15, was put in the category of "the next level," well below Dodd, Lawson and Ogbah.

Based on what you have seen in previous writeups, the Combine and now some scout comments, do you have a favorite player in this group?