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NFL free agent grades: Arizona Cardinals start free agency with a quiet move

How did the Cardinals do in free agency after one day?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After a myriad of moves in free agency around the league, we can start to grade them, even though we have no way of knowing how they will pan out. But for the sake of the Internet, let's look at the Arizona Cardinals and grade them after a day.

Grade: C

Arizona has made two moves. They re-signed backup quarterback Drew Stanton and then signed safety Tyvon Branch. This comes after each of the last two offseasons the team started off free agency with a splash, signing offensive linemen to big contracts.

The return to Stanton is a good one. He provides some stability behind Carson Palmer. Stanton win five games as a starter in 2014 and if Carson Palmer has to miss any time in 2016, we know Stanton can get wins.

Branch is a move no one really knows whether it will be good or not. He presumably will replace Rashad Johnson. He is a little taller and faster. He supposedly is better in coverage.

On the other hand, the team made it known the number one priority was to add to the pass rush. They had four or five players they were interested in. All five went elsewhere.

They didn't address their top priority. They didn't take on a bad contract, though. They make an understated move.

It's not great. That's why they get a C so far.