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2016 NFL free agency: Drew Stanton 'wanted to see what else was out there'

The backup QB says he never really wanted to leave the Cardinals.

Backup quarterback Drew Stanton has a new two-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals. Even though it was reported it was  likely he was going elsewhere, he never really wanted to leave. Speaking to Ed Cole of NBC Sports Radio 1060, Stanton said he used free agency to "see what else was out there" for him. In the end, staying with the Cardinals "was far and away the best situation for me."

He had interest from other teams, but because of trades and big name free agents, the interest "kind of evaporated." So the decision was even easier. But he really loves what he has here in Arizona.

"I think it starts with the ownership," Stanton said. "It starts with the vision of what he (team president Michael Bidwill) has, and how involved he is, and the the Bidwill family. They've been tremendous to me, and my family, and that goes a long way, and the trickle down effect that you see with what we're trying to do (with) the little things. The pieces that are in place that might go unnoticed, they're integral in what I've noticed in my nine years in the NFL that make a team better. Obviously, the relationship I have with B.A. (head coach Bruce Arians). Knowing what kind of man he is, and what he's going to do, and how he's going to attack a season is exciting for me to be a part of."

Stanton is comfortable with his role as a backup and is excited to try and be part of a championship team.

"This is a team game," Stanton said. "When I got an opportunity to play two years ago (starting eight games in place of an injured Carson Palmer), I think it was great, and selfishly it's awesome, but the selfish portion of my season is done, now that I've got my contract worked out, and (I know) where I'm at. Now I'm trying to do everything I can to help put a ring on guys fingers like Carson Palmer and Cory Redding. Hopefully we can do that, and we'll do everything within our power to pull in that direction."