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The Arizona Cardinals expect D.J. Humphries to start...or do they?

A couple of offseason moves make you wonder how much confidence the team has in him.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

All we have heard this offseason about the right tackle position is that the Arizona Cardinals are expecting last year's first round pick, D.J. Humphries, to take over the job. We have heard the confidence the team has in him and how Bruce Arians has said he would have been comfortable with Humphries playing even in the second half of last season.

But there have been some moves that make you wonder how much confidence the team has in him.

Bobby Massie, who recently signed with the Chicago Bears in free agency for an average of $6 million a year, was not expected to come back to the Cardinals. The writing was on the wall dating back to last year's draft.

But Massie said after he agreed to the Bears that the Cardinals made a push to keep him. Then there is the report that Andre Smith is coming for a visit. He has only ever played right tackle. Such is the case with Massie.

Typically your tackle off the bench will be position flexible. Either he can play either tackle position or he can play tackle or guard. Massie and Smith only play right tackle, so they wouldn't make good depth guys.

So why would you bring in those guys?

The obvious answer is because you think they could start. And if you think they can start, what is that saying about Humphries?

It is true they could bring in a guy who only plays right tackle because Humphries can swing to either side, so even when Humphries starts, should Jared Veldheer have to leave the game, Humphries could slide over and the Massie/Smith player could play on the right side.

But looking at these guys says more than anything they actually speak about their confidence in the first rounder.

What the actions say is we aren't completely sure and don't want to be in a bind if he can't cut it.

I get it. The team is all in for 2016, so maybe they would rather go with an established veteran if they find the right guy, rather than the developing young guy.

But after seeing Jonathan Cooper waste away into nothing and get traded, you start to wonder about Humphries. He needed to mature and develop last season. But this season? We probably should worry if he can't win the job in 2016 or the Cardinals have to spend a lot of money in an insurance policy.