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2016 NFL mock draft: Post-free agency simulation for Arizona Cardinals

How have things changed since the Arizona Cardinals made some big moves? Not much.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

With the addition of Chandler Jones many think the Arizona Cardinals have solved their pass rush problem. While they have certainly improved it, solving the problem won't be complete until it is a strength of the team. While there is not a Von Miller type prospect in this draft, there are guys who can play a role similar to 2015 Demarcus Ware, Shaquille Barret and Shane Ray, and that is what the Arizona Cardinals need to find.

What happens if a potential premier pass rusher falls to 29?

Let's take a look.

Round 1- Shaq Lawson, Edge Clemson

I ran to the proverbial podium.  Shaq Lawson would give the Arizona Cardinals insurance in case Chandler Jones leaves, but also give the Cardinals a really strong pass rushing unit.

Who could the Arizona Cardinals have over Chandler Jones?


This is also the round three board and I somehow missed round 4.

Round 3- Deion Jones, LB LSU

Jones would be an interesting fit with Kevin Minter and Deone Bucannon already in the fold, but he can be another body inside at linebacker, while also being someone who can play in coverage consistently.

Round 4- Jack Allen, C Michigan State

Undersized, but extremely talented and a pit bull on the field.  He anchors well for his size, but also is a great student of the game.  He's the type of player that can come in and fit in with what Bruce Arians expects from his players.

Round 5- Javon Hargrave, DT South Carolina State

I talked about Javon last time, he may be my favorite prospect and a guy I think would make the Arizona Cardinals better immediately on the defensive line.

Round 5- Jordan Payton, WR UCLA

Payton reminds me a lot of failed pick Ryan Swope, without the concussion issues.  He's a talented, physical and fast receiver who could make a run at making the Arizona Cardinals roster in 2016.

Round 6- DJ Reader, NT Clemson

There is little the Arizona Cardinals need, but getting multiple front seven players who are athletic and can be impact guys would be good for the here and now, while also setting the Arizona Cardinals up for the 2016 season and beyond.

That's what this class is for the Arizona Cardinals.  A mixture of impact in 2016 and capable players to fill in when the roster turnover starts in 2017.

Shaq Lawson, Edge
Deion Jones, ILB
Jack Allen, C
Javon Hargrave, DL
Jordan Payton, WR
DJ Reader, NT