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Larry Fitzgerald says he could play 'well into my 50s'

No plans of retirement just yet.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald enters the final year of his contract. He will be 33 when the season starts and there is some speculation this might be his final season in the NFL. Head coach Bruce Arians recently said he doesn't know if Fitz will want to play beyond 2016. He believes his heart will be in it, but doesn't know if his body will, citing the beating he takes, the amount of training he does and how much work it is to keep naturally 225-pound body at a playing weight of 212.

But Fitzgerald wouldn't hint at any plans of hanging things up when I spoke with him.

When asked about what BA had said about his body, he downplayed it, saying "we all have to make sacrifices for us to do the job we've got to do." He noted Michael Floyd has to do the same thing. "He is naturally 230-235 pounds, but keeps himself at about 220."

In fact, he said he will be able to play for a very long time. Citing the "unbelievable products" he uses from EAS as part of his training and nutrition,"I'll still be able to play well into my 50s."

"My dreads fall out, I'll still be scoring touchdowns," he joked.

But he doesn't think he will outlast one media member. Longtime Associated Press reporter Bob Baum, who has covered the Cardinals for a number of years and has been in the business a long time (covering 10 Olympics) will work longer than Fitz.

"I'm going to retire before Bob," Larry said. He joked that Baum would get a statue next to Pat Tillman and be working even when his teeth have fallen out.

More seriously, he has no set plans for ending his career yet. He is still a "creature of habit" with his routine. He tries to eat clean, get enough rest and to keep his nutrition balanced.

While playing into his 50s might be a bit exaggerated, it sounds like he wants to play more than just one more season.