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Arizona Cardinals now a team players want to play for

General manager Steve Keim takes more agent calls than in previous years.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Success changes things. The Arizona Cardinals already were in a good location. Arizona has great weather and lots of golf. It has always been a retirement or "end your career" destination. But following three seasons of 10 wins or more and two playoff appearances, the team has become, at least for now, a destination franchise.

Players want to play for Bruce Arians. They are willing to take less money to play for the Cardinals right now because they are considered Super Bowl contenders.

Keim spoke about it in to the media recently (via

"The culture has really shifted," Keim said. "Just going back three years ago in my first year as a GM versus now, the amount of calls that I get from agents that are recruiting us to talk to their players. That was the goal in mind three years ago when we set this thing in place."

Long gone is the reputation for being cheap or being a poorly run franchise. They have a great stadium. They have updated facilities. The fan base is really on board right now.

The key is maintaining the success. Players won't take less money to return or to join the Cardinals if they aren't contending regularly. For now, though, we should enjoy it.