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Arizona Cardinals running out of salary cap space

They will need to make some moves if they want to add anyone else.

The Arizona Cardinals do not have very much salary cap space right now. After adding Evan Mathis and Chris Johnson, they are now iat a point in which they might have to shed salary to add any other players.

According to the latest NFLPA report, Arizona has just under $4 million left in salary cap room. The exact number is $3,974,926, and that is calculating only the top 51 contracts of the team. They have 77 under contract right now.

Salary shedding moves will have to come along soon if they want to add anyone else of any significance.

Cory Redding currently has a $4 million hit. His future has not been decided. Calais Campbell's contract has a $15 million cap hit. The team has not approached him about an extension, but he has no agent currently. Michael Floyd holds a cap hit of more than $7 million. He could be extended this offseason as well.

General manager Steve Keim certainly has plans, but as of right now, the Cardinals don't have very much wiggle room to add players.