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Arizona Cardinals news 3/23: Colledge to military, Mathieu mourns

Cardinals and NFL stories to start your Wednesday.

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Chris Johnson: "I Wanted To Come Back And Finish"
Running back cites familiarity and success and reasons to remain a Cardinal

Cardinals Blogs | Bidwill talks “All or Nothing,” owners meetings
“I think it’s going to be very good for the Cardinals and the players and coaches,” Bidwill said. “We’re going to be able to tell some great stories.”

Cardinals Blogs | Former Card Colledge joins military

It’s not quite Pat Tillman choosing the Army Rangers, but it’s pretty similar: former Cardinals guard Daryn Colledge, who last played in 2014, tweeted today that with his football career over, he was joining the National Guard for the next eight years.

Why Colledge decided to enlist in the National Guard - ESPN Video

ESPN Cardinals reporter Josh Weinfuss discusses ex-NFL player Daryn Colledge's decision to join the Army National Guard.

Tyrann Mathieu mourns, celebrates his grandmother, Marie, on Twitter - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu takes to Twitter to celebrate the life of his late grandmother.

Chris Johnson wanted to be with the Arizona Cardinals in 2016 - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

Even though his spot in the starting lineup might not be secure, the Arizona Cardinals were the only franchise RB Chris Johnson wanted to sign with.

Bruce Arians on Carson Palmer's replacement: "We'd love to find a young guy this year" - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

“We already have (thought about Palmer’s replacement),” Arians said. “It was big signing (Cardinals quarterback) Drew Stanton back, and having (a) solid quarterback room. We’d love to find a young guy this year (in the 2016 NFL Draft).”

Tyrann Mathieu reflects back on "Granny Marie": "Forever my lady" - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

Here’s some of the tweets/stories Mathieu’s shared about “Granny Marie”:

Tyrann Mathieu reflects back on "Granny Marie": "Forever my lady" - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

Here’s some of the tweets/stories Mathieu’s shared about “Granny Marie”:

Bidwill: Chandler Jones will be a difference-maker

Arizona Cardinals president Michael Bidwill believes Chandler Jones will improve the team's chances of getting to the Super Bowl.


John Harbaugh is FIRED UP about expanding replay in the NFL -

The Ravens coach was telling anyone who would listen, and a few more, about the need to make ALL plays reviewable on Tuesday morning. Harbs' filibuster and other highlights from the AFC coaches breakfast.

Andrew Luck narrowly edges Drew Brees to move on to Face of NFL Sweet 16 -

Luck, the future of the quarterback position, surpassed one of its current standard bearers in our tightest first-round matchup.

Ranking all 32 NFL head coaches by how much we'd like them in college football -

Some of these situations would be really fun. Many others would not.

Expanded horse collar 1 of 7 rules passed by NFL competition committee -

The competition committee is trying to improve the safety of the game.

You will record Bill Belichick from the distance he deems appropriate -

Silence and stoicism are part of a balanced breakfast.

NFL removes exceptions and bans all chop blocks -

Previous exceptions that allowed for chop blocks on certain run plays were removed by the NFL.

NFL declares longer extra point experiment a success by making rule permanent -

The NFL's tougher extra point rules made kickers drop from 99.3 percent in 2014 to 94.2 percent in 2015.